Bumbu Dapur Bali offers a wide range of dishes at affordable prices.
Come and indulge in our warung or enjoy them from in the comfort of your home when we deliver them to you.
Our menu is displayed below, for your convenience you may also click here to download our menu in pdf format.
For convenient delivery orders, our menu is numbered.

Special bumbu dapur Grilled chicken

1. Ayam bakar pedas Spicy grilled chicken Rp.13/14.000

2. Ayam bakar original Original grilled chicken Rp.13/14.000

3. Ayam kampung bakar Grilled local chicken ( whole ) Rp. 32.000

4. 1⁄2 Ayam kampung bakar Grilled local chicken ( half ) Rp.18.000

Sup Soup

5. Sup asparagus ayam Asparagus with chicken soup Rp. 10.000

6. Sup asparagus kepiting Asparagus with crab meat soup Rp. 10.000

7. Sup jagung ayam Corn with chicken soup Rp. 10.000

8. Sup jagung kepiting Corn with chicken soup Rp. 10.000

9. Sup asparagus jagung Aparagus with corn soup Rp. 10.000

10. Sup tom yum kung Tom yum soup Rp. 12.000

Nasi goreng Fried rice

11. Nasi goreng ikan asin Fried rice with salty fish Rp. 13.000

12. Nasi goreng ayam Fried rice with chicken Rp. 13.000

13. Nasi goreng hongkong Fried rice with green peas and carrot Rp. 13.000

14. Nasi goreng sambal terasi Fried rice with shrimp chili paste Rp. 13.000

15. Nasi goreng jawa Fried rice with javanese style Rp. 13.000

16. Nasi goreng singapura Fried rice with singapore sauce Rp. 13.000

17. Nasi goreng keju Fried rice with cheese Rp. 14.000

18. Nasi goreng pete Fried rice with edible stinking beans Rp. 14.000

19. Nasi goreng seafood Fried rice with seafood Rp. 15.000

20. Nasi goreng special Fried rice with chicken, shrimp crackers & fried egg on top Rp. 16.000

21. Nasi cap cay ayam Fried rice with stir fried mix vegetables & chicken on top Rp. 15.000

22. Nasi cap cay seafood Fried rice with stir fried mix vegetables & seafood on top Rp. 17.000

Fuyung hay Egg mixed with flour and vegetables

23. Fuyung hay polos Fuyung hay meatless(vegetarian) Rp. 11.000

24. Fuyung hay ayam Fuyung hay with chicken Rp. 12.000

25. Fuyung hay seafood  Fuyung hay with seafood Rp. 14.000

Mie / Bihun Noodles / Vermicelli ( fried or soup )

26. Mie goreng / kuah ayam Noodles with chicken Rp. 13.000

27. Mie goreng / kuah seafood Noodles with seafood Rp. 15.000

28. Mie hokkian Noodles with stir fried mix vegetables & chicken on top Rp. 15.000

29. Mie hokkian seafood Noodles with stir fried mix vegetables & seafood on top Rp. 17.000

30. Tamie Crispy noodles with stir fried mix vegetables & chicken on top Rp. 15.000

31. Tamie seafood Crispy noodles with stir fried mix vegetables & seafood on top Rp. 17.000

Kweetiaw Rice noodles ( fried or soup )

32. Kweetiaw goreng / kuah ayam Rice noodles with chicken Rp. 14.000

33. Kweetiaw goreng / kuah seafood Rice noodles with seafood Rp. 16.000

34. Kweetiaw siram ayam Rice noodles with stir fried mix vegetables & chicken on top Rp. 16.000

35. Kweetiaw siram seafood Rice noodles with stir fried mix vegetables & seafood on top Rp. 18.000

Sayur Stir fried vegetables 0r soup

36. Cap cay goreng / kuah ayam Stir fried or soup mix vegetables with chicken Rp. 12.000

37. Cap cay goreng / kuah seafood Stir fried or soup mix vegetables with seafood Rp. 14.000

38. Cah buncis / Pokcay ayam String beans / Thai vegetables with chicken Rp. 10.000

39. Cah buncis / Pokcay seafood String beans / Thai vegetables with seafood Rp. 12.000

40. Cah brokoli ayam Broccoli with chicken Rp. 12.000

41. Cah brokoli seafood Broccoli with seafood Rp. 14.000

42. Sawi hijau ayam Stir fried green vegetables with chicken Rp. 10.000

43. Sawi hijau seafood Stir fried vegetables with seafood Rp. 12.000

44. Cah tauge / kangkung ayam Stir fried bean sprouts or water spinach with chicken Rp. 9.000

45. Cah tauge / kangkung seafood Stir fried bean sprouts or water spinach with seafood Rp. 11.000

46. Cah tauge / kangkung tahu tempe Stir fried bean sprouts or water spinach with bean curd and soybean cake Rp. 9.000

47. Cah tauge ikan asin Stir fried bean sprouts with salty fish Rp. 9.000

48. Cah kangkung terasi Stir fried water spinach with shrimp paste Rp. 9.000

49. Terong saos pedas Eggplant with spicy sauce Rp. 9.000

50. Terong szechuan Eggplant with szechuan sauce Rp. 9.000

51. Terong penyet Eggplant with chili paste on top Rp. 6.000

Tofu Soft tofu

52. Sapo tahu ayam Stir fried egg tofu & vegetables with chicken Rp.16.000

53. Sapo tahu seafood Stir fried egg tofu & vegetables with seafood Rp. 18.000

54. Tofu szechuan Stir fried tofu with szechuan style sauce Rp. 16.000

55. Tofu cah jamur Stir fried tofu with mushrooms Rp. 16.000

Ayam Chicken

56. Ayam cah jamur Stir fried chicken with mushrooms Rp. 16.000

57. Ayam saos inggris Chicken with worcestershire sauce Rp. 16.000

58. Ayam saos kecap Chicken with soy sauce Rp. 16.000

59. Ayam saos mentega Chicken with butter sauce Rp. 16.000

60. Ayam masak sayur Chicken with stir fried mix vegetables Rp. 16.000

61. Ayam asam manis ( koloke ) Chicken with sweet & sour sauce Rp. 16.000

62. Ayam lada hitam Chicken with black pepper sauce Rp. 16.000

63. Ayam rica rica Chicken with chopped chili, red onion & lemon grass Rp. 17.000

64. Ayam saos singapura Chicken with singapore sauce Rp. 16.000

65. Ayam szechuan Chicken with szechuan sauce Rp. 16.000

66. Ayam saos pedas Chicken with spicy sauce Rp. 16.000

Sapi Beef

67. Sapi lada hitam Beef with black pepper sauce Rp. 18.000

68. Sapi saos pedas Beef with spicy sauce Rp. 18.000

69. Sapi saos singapura Beef with singapore sauce Rp. 18.000

70. Sapi cah bombay Beef with stir fried onion Rp. 18.000

Ikan gurami / kerapu Gouramy / Grouper

Harga berdasarkan ukuran ; Price depends on size 

71. Ikan saos inggris Fish with worcestershire sauce Rp. 25-30.000

72. Ikan saos mentega Fish with butter sauce Rp. 25-30.000

73. Ikan asam manis Fish with sweet & sour sauce Rp. 25-30.000

74. Ikan saos singapura Fish with singapore sauce Rp. 25-30.000

75. Ikan szechuan Fish with szechuan sauce Rp. 25-30.000

76. Ikan saos pedas Fish with spicy sauce Rp. 25-30.000

77. Ikan rica rica Fish with chopped chili, red onion & lemon grass Rp. 25-30.000

78. Sup ikan Fish soup Rp. 25-30.000

79. Ikan bakar Grilled fish Rp. 25-30.000

Kerang Mussels

80. Kerang saos tiram Mussels with oyster sauce Rp. 15.000

81. Kerang saos singapura Mussels with singapore sauce Rp. 15.000

82. Kerang szechuan Mussels with szechuan sauce Rp. 15.000

83. Kerang saos pedas Mussels with spicy sauce Rp. 15.000

Cumi / Udang Squid / Shrimp

84. Cumi / Udang goreng tepung Squid / Shrimp wrapped with flour Rp. 20.000

85. Cumi / Udang asam manis Squid / Shrimp with sweet and sour sauce Rp. 20.000

86. Cumi / Udang lada hitam Squid / Shrimp with black pepper sauce Rp. 20.000

87. Cumi / Udang saos pedas Squid / Shrimp with spicy sauce Rp. 20.000

88. Cumi / Udang saos mentega Squid / Shrimp with butter sauce Rp. 20.000

89. Cumi / Udang saos singapura Squid / Shrimp with singapore sauce Rp. 20.000

90. Cumi / Udang szechuan Squid / Shrimp with szechuan sauce Rp. 20.000

Kepiting Crab

91. Kepiting lada hitam Crab with black pepper sauce Rp. 35.000

92. Kepiting asam manis Crab with sweet & sour sauce Rp. 35.000

93. Kepiting saos pedas Crab with spicy sauce Rp. 35.000

94. Kepiting saos singapura Crab with singapore sauce Rp. 35.000

95. Kepiting szechuan Crab with szechuan sauce Rp. 35.000

96. Kepiting saos tiram Crab with oyster sauce Rp. 35.000

Menu lain Served with raw vegetables & chili paste

97. Tahu tempe Fried soybean cake & bean curd Rp. 6.000

98. Ayam goreng Fried chicken Rp. 12-13.000

99. Ayam kampung goreng Fried local chicken Rp. 32.000

100. Tahu tempe penyet Soybean cake & bean curd with chili paste on top Rp.6.000

101. Plecing kangkung Boiled water spinach with chili paste on top Rp. 6.000

Minuman & Jus Beverages & fresh juices

Juices available based on seasonality. Please check with us what is available today.

B1. Alpukat / Mangga Avocado / Manggo Rp. 8.000

B2. Apel / Wortel / Sirsak Apple / Carrot / Soursop Rp. 8.000

B3. Jambu / Stroberi Guava / Strawberry Rp. 8.000

B4. Jeruk / Nanas / Tomat Orange / Pineapple / Tomato Rp. 7.000

B5. Melon / Semangka / Pepaya Melon / Watermelon / Papaya Rp. 7.000

B6. Jus campur Mix juice Rp. 8.000

B7. Minuman soda Soft drinks Rp. 6.000

B8. Teh botol / Fruit tea Bottled tea / Fruit tea Rp. 3.500

B9. Air mineral Mineral water Rp. 3.500

B10. Es teh Ice tea Rp. 3.500

B11. Teh hangat Hot tea Rp. 3.000

B12. Es jeruk / Jeruk hanga Hot or cold orange Rp. 5.000

B13. Kopi Coffee Rp. 4.000

B14. Cappuccino / Lemon tea Hot / Cold Rp. 6.000

B15. Teh tarik Hot / Cold tea with milk Rp. 6.000

B16. Soda susu Milk with soda water Rp. 8.000

B17. Soda gembira Milk & syrup with soda water Rp. 9.000

B18. Es buah Fresh fruit cocktail Rp. 8.000

B19. Bir besar Large beer Rp. 26.000

B20. Bir kecil Small beer Rp. 16.000